Connecting & collaborating

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This week we taught KS2 all about connecting and collaborating. It was a pleasure to teach KS2, as always. Some of the younger children were a little confused when we first introduced the lesson, but there were a few pupils who had  an idea about what connecting and collaborating is all about.


We started out by introducing connect and collaborating by showing the class a Google Slides presentation, which we hoped would give the pupils an idea about connecting and collaborating. By using the presentation we told the pupils how we connect and collaborate by using simple sites such as: Kuddle, Skype, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We then gave them the task of creating a graffiti board so they would then write all of their eSafety tips. If the pupils had finished we gave them the opportunity to create a PMI sheet.  By the end of the lesson we felt that all of the pupils in the class had a good understanding of what connect and collaborating is and how to do it safely.
By Phoebe and Carla


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