Lights, camera, action!

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Last week was a busy one for the eCadets………


On Monday the eCadets were filmed by a camera crew to show how we tackle eSafety at Cornist. It was a really fun experience to have been a part of. Firstly we sat down on a table to discuss a future lesson about how to stay safe on social media, which plays a big part in staying safe online. This lesson was later delivered to Mrs Gardner’s class. We were later interviewed by the film crew about different things we do as eCadets, but also other topics that were related to eCadets such as what has been the most fun experience and also why we enjoy being a eCadet.


On Thursday we were interviewed by Radio 4 which was yet again another fun experience. We were each interviewed individually and all asked different questions such as: Why did you want to become an eCadet?, How were you chosen? And one of the most important questions What do you do? They also interviewed our eParent and another parent from our school. Overall it was an amazing experience one of which we will surely never forget.


By Phoebe




  1. Elena De Pasquale

    Well done. What’s next? Who are you going to talk to next? Let’s paint the world eCadet!!!!!!