Forest School

Forest School is an opportunity for the children at Cornist Park to have new creative experiences in the outdoor environment in a safe and supervised way. The pupils are given lots of opportunities to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and most importantly to use their initiative to solve problems and cooperate with others.

Through purposeful and careful planning of Forest School sessions, we strive to increase the children’s self esteem, improve their concentration, attendance, behaviour and academic achievement.

During our Forest School sessions children spend regular time learning outdoors, in child-led, child initiated activities. They are given opportunities to do woodland crafts and activities such as fire-lighting, using tools to create wooden objects, den building, creative activities and lots of games. Creating a fun, supportive environment and giving children exciting achievable tasks, enables them to succeed and build confidence and self esteem, and develop new skills which support them back in the classroom.

Forest School encompasses all that we want to instil in our children – confidence, social skills, thinking skills, knowledge and most importantly independent skills.

We strongly believe that Forest School mirrors the ethos and principles behind the EYFS and gives children skills which they can apply to their school work, home life and beyond!

As such we have a dedicated Forest School Area and trained Forest School leader and staff!