Nurture Support

The school places great importance on the provision of programmes that assist in the development and support of pupil wellbeing. As such, we have a dedicated Nurture Leader who is trained in a number of recognised *programmes that assist in supporting our children with a wide range of emotional and social needs.

Some of these interventions include:

Jabba the reading therapy dog loves to visit once a week to listen to learners read!

ELSA – Emotional Literacy Support

Drawing and Talking – a one to one provision

Sand Play – a one to one provision

Emotional group work – an extension to Drawing and Talking

Lego Therapy



*Not all programmes run constantly throughout the year, some are delivered as and when children might present with a need for additional emotional support as a result of an event or trauma.*

School staff are also trained to deliver additional interventions and support activities such as, KIVA, MyHappyMinds and Jigsaw.

Here at Cornist we are proud to be a MyHappyMind school. 

Prevention for every child

MyHappyMind creates a culture of positive mental well-being and give children the skills to thrive in life.