Mr E Hughes                                      Chairperson & Community Governor
Ms E D’Pasquale                                 Vice Chair & Co–opted Governor
Cllr Michelle Perfect                           Town Council / LA Governor             
Mrs  C Chitty                                       Parent Governor 
Mrs C Hodson                                     Parent Governor 
Mr M Spedding                              Parent Governor
Mrs M McCarthy                                  Parent Governor
Mrs R O’Brien                                       Parent Governor
Ms M Smith                                          Community Governor
Mrs N Thomas                                      Head Teacher Governor
Mrs L Gardner                                    Teacher Governor
Miss S Brown                                     Teacher Governor
Mrs E Williams                             Staff Governor
Mrs S Hunt                                         Clerk to Governing Body
Senior Staff
Mrs N Thomas                       Headteacher
Mrs L Gardner       Deputy Headteacher /ALNco
Mrs R Wood                         Senior Teacher
Foundation Phase Teaching Staff
Mrs K Astbury   Leader for Cymraeg
Miss S O’Neil     Leader for Curriculum Development
Mrs R Wood      EY’S Partnerships and TA Coordinator
Mrs L Thomas    
Mrs S Williams
KS2 Teaching Staff
Mr M Rees            Leader for Maths / Numeracy
Mrs N White        Leader for LLC & MFL
Miss A Edwards   Digital Leader
Mr S Williams      Leader for PE & Fitness
Miss S Brown      Leader for Curriculum Development
Mr B Cowsill Leader for Healthy Schools Initiative
Mrs E Williams  (PPA / Literacy Intervention / Parental Engagement)
Miss R Allman     (PPA / Nurture Support)
Mrs  L Riordan    (PPA / Forest School)
Miss L Morris      (PPA / Maths Intervention)
Learning Support
Mrs R Stokes (LS 3)              
Mrs R Jones (LS 2)         
Miss S Garner (LS 3)                                     
Mrs S Davies (LS 2)                   
Mrs R Evans (LS 3)                                    
Mr O Davies  (LS 2)                                                                    
Mrs  K  Collins (LS 3)                                                      
Mrs A Ward (LS 3)      
Pastoral Support
Mrs J Hamill
Mrs L Brown
Mrs R Frost
Mrs D Wadsworth
Office, Cleaning and Dinner Staff
Mrs K Blythin – School Business Manager
Mrs A Hill – Administration
Mrs K Jenkins – Caretaker & Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Peace – Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs V Williams – Cook
Mrs K Balshaw – Cleaner
Ms K Cooper – Richards – Cleaner
Mrs T Franks – Cleaner